Let's automate your business so you can save more time and live your life.

Automate Repetitive Tasks · Get Back Your Time · Grow Your Business

If you're a small business owner...

...and if you have ever found yourself wasting time doing repetitive tasks, you understand how miserable work can be.

Back and forth emails. Scheduling meetings. Answering customer questions. Following up with leads. Marketing to prospective clients. Managing your reputation.

The list goes on...

Not only that, but while you're spending time doing these manual tasks, you're losing the opportunity to do work that makes a significant difference in your business.

If you stay stuck doing the day-to-day tasks, your business will stagnate, or worse, decline.

We can help.

Most business owners think you need to hire more employees to get more done.

This may work for a short time, but when it comes to really scaling your business in a head-ache free, low overhead way, more employees is rarely the answer.

Automation Geeks takes a different approach.

We help our clients leverage cutting-edge automation tools and strategies that optimize their business operations, reduce the amount of manpower needed to run their business, and free up their time so they can start enjoying their life again.

Our Team

Automation Geeks is a digital agency partner of High Level. We're dedicated to helping small business owners leverage the internet to grow their business and save them time. Founded by four friends who met working for a global consulting firm, the Automation Geeks are obsessed with leveraging technology to scale businesses.